Beauty by Shakti

“you should look as good as you can, who said love is blind?”

  Said mae west.

Beauty is a powerful visit card, and, as there are no ugly women, but only disheveled women, we should offer ourselves a small professional cosmetic ritual each month. Because you deserve it, as a well-known commercial said.

At Shakti Center you have professional face treatments, depilation with traditional and disposable wax, hair eyelashes, face lifting massage, organic tanning with henna.

Depilation is indispensable, in a first step for each beauty ritual.

Organic tanning with henna is very indicated, especially in the summer-like season, in case you want a healthy tan and, at the same time, to protect skin from rations. Henna tanning is not caprice for beauty, but is a real ceremony for the health of your skin. Henna has as main ingredient tannin, which, besides the fact that aid at fixing the pigment in the skin, has as effect the consolidation of the fragile blood vessels, helps at closing pores and optimal hydration of the skin. Also, henna protects the skin of the effect of ultraviolet, so that you will obtain a uniform tan, no risks and no artificial pigments that diminish the function of the kidney. And you only need 4-6 sessions for a healthy and durable oriental tanning.

When about facial treatments, many persons still consider them a caprice.

There are the reasons for which, besides the monthly ritual of depilation, manicure, pedicure it would be good to ask for a treatment of a face massage.

  • Daily, our complexion is abused by dust, pollution, wind, sun, temperature fluctuations, factors that dry skin and clog pores. Once in a while, you need a professional cleaning of the pores, in order to allow skin to breathe, to stimulate regeneration and to increase skin’s permeability, so that the active substances from the products used by you, might easily penetrate the deepness of the skin.
  • Even if you use good products, you should know that products in beauty salons contain high concentrations of active substances, from here the wow result, and, as your beauty is our mission, at shakti we spoil you with the most innovative cosmetic products in the brand bioline (a brand putting accent on mixing research with advanced technologies to maintain and fructify the purity and efficiency of the natural ingredients), casmara (a top brand, at international level, using the most innovative ingredients for specific problems of complexion) and lakshmi (ayurvedic cosmetics, organic certified).
  • Much more, a face treatment can represent a well-deserved moment of relax, an award, an escape from the quotidian. Relaxation starts a real cocktail of hormones of happiness in your body, so that no wonder you will radiate happiness.
  • Did you know that 50% from the success of a face treatment is due to massage movements realized by a cosmetician, movements that stimulates the collagen secretion, elastin but also of happiness hormones, accelerating the healing of the skin? And a professional massage you only can receive in a salon.
  • Any treatment of face massage invigorates complexion, helping it maintain itself young. If at gym you work your body muscles, why you should not take care of your face muscles to be toned?

Besides beauty treatment, a visit to the beautician is always a way of socialization or to tell life stories with the beautician. Many times a visit to the beautician can be more efficient than a psychology session, as for us, women, socialization is a real therapy.



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