Eyelash extensions

Beauty by SHAKTI

Eyelash extensions with human hair

By changing the shape of the eyelashes we can dramatically change the whole look. That’s why specialists in this sector invented the perfect technique with the aid of which you can get longer, richer, more curved eyelashes. Long eyelashes have been and will be an attribute that any woman desire. And if mother nature has not endowed you with dreamlike eyelashes, we come to meet your desires. The solution for having the most beautiful eyes is the elongation of the eyelashes! The long, well-defined and curved eyelashes represent a reference point of feminine beauty since ancient times.


  • While applying eyelashes, in case you are wearing contact lenses, please take them off.
  • Reserve time and arrange yourself with patience, as the procedure lasts for about 2 hours
  • It is recommended the eyelashes maintenance (correction) once at about 2-4 weeks.
  • The eyelashes extensions will be eliminated only by a specialist with a special solution.
  • Even if no mascara is needed, you can use it without any problem. Do not use a waterproof
  • Use only eyes cleanser, no oil.


  • High quality eyelashes extensions are not bond between them
  • They are neat
  • They do not affect natural eyelashes
  • The glue they are glued with is invisible
  • They do not irritate eyelids so that it is allowed even to persons with sensitive eyes
  • Their form is a personalized one
  • Long and seducer eyelashes
  • Penetrating look
  • Big and special eyes
  • The sensation that you are permanently with make up


Affixation of hair eyelashes

240 Lei

Maintenance 2-3 weeks

 175 Lei

Affixation 2d/3d eyelashes (with hollywood effect)
2-3 weeks

 300 Lei

Maintenance 2-3 weeks 175 Lei

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