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“you never know when you meet destiny”,

 said Coco Chanel.

So you always have to be in shape and look good. 

Sometimes going to the gym and frustrating diets are not enough to help you get in shape. Let me tell you a secret: it matters a lot to enjoy what you do, love the sport you practice and eat what you like, in reasonable quantities and without heavy combinations. You also need to help your metabolism

What if, once or twice a week, you choose a relaxing and detoxifying package instead of a demanding sports hour or a hipocaloric bar? We are convinced that every part in you will enjoy this indulgence. And it’s not just a fad, for the sake of slimming, here’s how wrapping really can help you reach your goal:

  • vigorous massage before or after wrapping helps at draining lymph and toning;
  • heat generated by thermo blanket helps at the elimination of toxins and accelerate metabolism, key points when it comes to slimming.
  • enchanting aromas, essential oils and massage pleasure stimulate endorphin secretion, with a role in metabolic acceleration;
  • in addition, you will gain a more hydrated and softer skin.

The term holism comes from ancient greek, where the word halos means totality, whole. In complementary therapies, the person is seen as a whole. Far from being new, this approach is inherited from very old medical systems, often coming from the orient and associated with religious doctrines.

Reshape while you relax!

At shakti center, we reshape you with the garshan, art reum, udara or kumari wrapping, which targets the area of the thighs, legs, abdomen or firmness of the breasts, pevonia algae wrapping, beneficial both for cellulite treatment and for fat loss.

For faster results, we recommend infralipoderm, based on infrared rays, helping at reducing cellulite. Reshaping is achieved by cavitation ultrasound, which, due to the thermal and vibrational effect, has the ability to penetrate the active ingredients up to the deep layers of the skin, effecting circulation activation, fat cell liquefaction, and circumference of the treated area.


List of packs


Mud packing for tonicity

Time 30′         price 120 Lei

Osmotic mud, hypertonicising – is a treatment for skin lacking tonicity, soft, anti-cellulite with “dimples”. Contains high concentrations of marine salts, which, acting in synergy with a blend of essential oils, helps reshaping the silhouette, fighting intensely with cellulite and adiposities. It has detoxifying effect, draining, toning, re-mineralizing and skin feeding. It contains: sea salt that absorbs fluids and toxins deposited in tissues, proteasyl – a natural extract that improves elasticity and skin tonus, garcinia cambodgia, yerba mate, guarana, caffeine, detoxifying dandelion extract with a detoxifying, drainage and anti-inflammatory effect.

Body scrub

Time 20′     price 90 Lei

Natural exfoliation having as a result the removal of dead cells on the skin layer and cell renewal. It is an excellent start for any treatment, preparing the skin to receive the active substances from the other products.

Basic ingredients: salt, the main ingredient, which exfoliates mechanically; shea butter that moisturizes the skin so cleansed; garcinia cambodia extract with a slimming and toning effect due to the presence of hydroxycitric acid; yerba mate extract rich in methylxanthines from caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, which have a stimulating and invigoration activity; guarana extract – rich in guaranina extract (caffeine) has a stimulating and slimming action; birch extract with detoxifying and draining action; chamomile extract – calming and protective action.

Packing with pevonia algae

Time 30′  price 80 Lei 
Pack of 10 sessions  price 600 Lei

The marine algae are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts and vitamins. Their great quality is the rich content of mineral compounds that act against the aging process of the whole body, energizes and protects you from colds and infections. Beneficial both in the treatment of cellulite and in the reduction of the adipose layer in all areas where it is applied, packing with algae represent a non-invasive method of body reshaping and of elimination of the extra kilos.

Session of infralipoderm cavitation

1 Area      price 100 Lei 

Cavitational ultrasound: due to its thermal and vibrational effect, ultrasound has the ability to penetrate the active ingredients up to the deep layers of the skin with effects of activating the circulation, the liquefaction of the fat cell thus obtaining a visible effect in the circumference of the treated area. It is the only technology that has the ability to penetrate any cosmetic product, either aqueous or oily.

An area may be the abdomen, thighs, legs or arms.

Cavitation in the weight loss treatment

Cavitatia is recommended to be done once a week, so that, for intensive weight loss treatment it is recommended that during the week the treatment is completed with infrared tunnel wrapping sessions or infrared thermo blanket, and wrappings may be of fast slimming with thermo-perspiration or mixed, anti-cellulite + powerful weight loss with caffeine, seaweed.

Cavitation in the treatment of anti-cellulite forte

For results similar to liposuction in just a few weeks, you have to combine cavitation sessions with anti-cellulite massage and slim vacuum, and if you have stretch marks problems, a few ultrasound sessions are recommended. Thus, you can completely transform your body shape, namely, you can sculpt with the aid of our recommendations, the portions of problems and excess deposits, so that your body becomes harmonious.

Infrared session

1 Area      price 50 Lei     time 10′

Infrared: infrared rays generate localized heat, open pores, activate blood circulation and have beneficial effects both in terms of skin appearance, cellulite treatment and therapeutic purpose for muscle decontraction, joints with an analgesic effect due to the heat it evolves at the tissue level. At the same time, infrared therapy offers a relaxing and non stressing effect on the body as an important source of energy.

Body vacuum

2 Areas Time 45′ Price 100 ron
3 Areas Time 60′ Price 130 ron

Dermomassager is a device for making the vacuum massage, the main action being the decomposition of the lobes’ fatness and the restoration of proper functioning of blood capillaries and lymphatic vessels on the skin.

Dermomassager is the equivalent of manual massage, often used in physiotherapy. It is a combination of mechanical vacuum massage while pulling skin folds (aspiration) and twisting mobile cylinders. This massage is often called lipomassage. During the massage, the whole body, except for the breasts, is massaged with a special end provided with a movable cylinder and a kind of suction pipe. Most of the time and much attention is given to the parts of the body on which cellulite is.

The cylinders move around their own axes in the same direction or in opposite directions, and the end for the massage sucks the skin’s folds. This improves blood circulation and lymphatic activity.

Skin skrubber + pdt

2 Areas Time 45′ Price 100 ron

Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs on the surface of the skin under the action of ultrasound and liquid. In the stratum corneum air bubbles form as a result of intramolecular pressure are mini-explosions, producing micro-energy that removes corneocytes that are already dead. This phenomenon occurs in microseconds.

Ultrasounds + iontophoresis

Time 30′ Price 100 ron

The frequency of ultrasound vibration exceeds human ear audibility (superior to 20 khz). Heat generated by ultrasounds during treatment deeply penetrates the tissues, relaxes the skin and muscles, and micro-massage deeply improves blood and lymphatic circulation, metabolism and cellular regeneration. Ultrasounds are emitted by the end, on the skin moistened with a special gel that permits the penetration of ultrasound into the tissues. It also increases the permeability of cell membranes. This process is used to bring many active substances into the skin.

Facial microdermabrasion with diamond

1 session (face) 150 RON; 5 sessions 600 Ron
1 session (face, neck, neckline) 170 ron; 5 sessions 650 Ron

Diamond microdermabrasion is a fully controlled procedure for stratum corneum peeling, using diamond heads with different gradations and variable vacuum. This way will be realized a refreshed skin and stimulation of the vacuum in collagen production.

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical, progressive skin exfoliation by using a device equipped with special abrasive heads. Superior layers of dead skin are removed, leading to the apparition of new, regenerated cells. After the treatment, the skin is perfectly smoothed. The diamond microdermabrasion is used successfully on any type of skin, regardless of age, with spectacular results both in improving the appearance of the complexion and in improving the facial imperfections caused by acne, aging or exposure to the sun.

Facial microdermabrasion effects:

Cell regeneration

Acceleration of collagen and elastin production;

Skin cleansing and luminosity;

Eliminating flecks, black heads and pimples;

Treating acne;

Leveling the faded areas in an unaesthetic manner;

Accelerating the natural skin hydration;

Leveling the superficial scars.

Garshan slim, garshan tonic, garshan dren, art reum, crio gamathi, udara, kumari and pada rituals use packing and cand be found in lakshmi protocols.
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