Make Up

Beauty by Shakti

Who does not like attracting admirative looking?

Beauty gives addiction!

Do you want, just like every other fancy woman, to look impeccable as often as possible? In fact, if you recognize it all the way, you are secretly dreaming of having moments in which you can simply look of millions!
Do you like attracting admiration, being told you look good, that you are beautiful? Who does not like that, in the end?!
So that, in special occasions, do not hesitate to do everything you can to get value. Do you consider that, along with hairstyle and clothing, makeup is your piece of resistance. But we are speaking of natural resistance, for what can be more beautiful than what nature has given us?! And then, you are horrified of everything that is artificial and of that dramatic-hilarious air that a bad makeup can give you.
Well, with the aid of make-up artists from the shakti center, you will have pleasant surprises every time you look in the mirror after the make-up session.
You will see with your own eyes the beauty they have been able to see in you, without shadowing your naturalness or stealing your personality. You will see, in your mirror, your best option: brighter and more beautiful than you ever considered yourself!You will want to come back again, because beauty gives addiction.
At shakti center you can schedule online.

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Professional make up no false eyelashes

300 Lei

Professional make up profesional with false eyelashes

350 Lei

Express make up (daytime)

200 Lei

Bride make up

450 Lei

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