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A ritual only for you, just yours

Whether we realize it or not, our life is made up of a multitude of rituals. The birth, the baptism, our first day of school, the first kiss, the first night of love, marriage, and even death are rituals we all go through.

Each religion has its rituals fated to stop our thoughts and turn our attention to the divine. Each company respects certain rules similar to small rituals.

Now i ask you: why wouldn’t you have a ritual just for you, just yours, to help you disconnect from the inner agitation and reconnect with your true self?

I suggest that at least once a month, you should give yourself moments of silence and introspection. To celebrate your body, which helps you and tolerates all your excesses, whether culinary or the lack of rest or too much physical effort. Because your body is the temple where you live, so appreciate it.
At shakti center, we offer you a reconnection with yourself, through various rituals:

Rituals for body reshaping:

You have abused your body many times with inappropriate food or lack of movement or the stress it has been subjected to. The extra –weight represent a form of protection, yes, even to yourself. It is a desperate sign of the body that you need to turn your attention to it. We offer you 4 ayurvedic rituals focused on specific issues: garshan dren (to eliminate water retention and fluffiness), garshan tonic (for cellulite reduction, elasticity and firmness), garshan slim (for slimming and treating fat deposits caused by hyperplasia and hypertrophy), udara (for toning the abdomen and improving metabolism).

Rituals for beauty: 

You are a manifestation of the eternal feminine, so enjoy your body and take care of yourself. We offer you lakshmi kumari – an intensive skin toning treatment with an emphasis on breast area, because anahata, the chakra of love, resides here. If you reject or do not like this part of your baby, the issue is also about reporting what love means. And, as a woman has to be a goddess to her toes, we offer you pada, a ritual for the beauty and health of your feet.

Health rituals:

Often, we carry too much on our back (too many tasks, too many worries, too many burdens). It is not a coincidence that many people claim back pain. We propose art reum, a back ritual inspired by the ayurvedic tradition that supports the recovery of muscle tone, calming and curing rheumatic problems. We also have a ritual for heavy legs and water retention (crio gamthi), so you can go forward uninterrupted.

Inner balance equilibrium: 

Escape from urban agitation and abandon the present moment, in the skilled hands of our therapists. A massage can also be a form of meditation. We recommend balance, well being or divine touch rituals.


Find the most appropriate ritual for you
And celebrate!


Garshan dren lakshmi ritual

Time 90′         price 250 Lei
Pack of 10         price 2000 Lei

Intense treatment of drainage, detoxification and thinning, against cellulite characterized by swelling and fluid retention and toxins.


Do you suffer from edema? Swelling? Is cellulite present especially in the front and outside parts of the legs? Do you suffer from swollen ankles and heavy legs? Do you have visible veins and capillaries?


Eliminate imperfections caused by water retention and poor circulation as well as edematous cellulite with garshan dren from lakshmi.

It favors the elimination of fluids and the removal of residues from the tissue due to ivy, wild chestnuts, algae, extracts of aloe vera and capsicum, orange, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger, juniper and essential oils of lavender.

The treatment is very effective and thanks to phytobioactive active principles derived from porphyridium cruentum microalgae that attenuates heavy leg syndrome and a protein that is the basis of a new generation of slimming cosmetics due to the ability to reduce hypertrophy and hyperplasia of adipose tissue.

Garshan slim lakshmi ritual

Time 90′         price 250 Lei
Pack of 10         price 2000 Lei

A treatment that diminishes, up to elimination, fat deposits due to hyperplasia or hypertrophy. What is hyperplasia or hypertrophy?

It is the final stage of the disease that starts with poor circulation leading to insufficient oxygenation of the cells, resulting in the unaesthetic cellulite – the orange peel.

At this stage the lymphatic fluid is not properly drained and the adiposities begin to accumulate reaching the sclerotic phase, where the areas of the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen are covered by a layer of fat that is very resistant to any treatment and which, in time, can cause serious health problems.

Garshan tonic lakshmi ritual

Time 90′         price 250 Lei
Pack of 10         price 2000 Lei

A skin with an improved, firmer, more oxygenated skin and, consequently, less cellulite. The treatment stimulates lipolysis and fat burning, favors drainage and oxygenation.

It is based on a synergy of plant extracts that act at different levels to invigorate and improve tissue elasticity and protect the elastin and collagen network due to an active natural principle extracted from pisum sativum. It favors the burning of fats thanks to garcinia cambogia extract with a reduction and invigoration action. Stimulates and invigorates due to matte extract rich in methylxanthines, caffeine, theobromine and teophylline. It reduces the size of the nodules due to the presence of guarana. It has an antioxidant action and nourishes and oxygenates tissues due to polyphenols of coffee and rice oil. It protects the veins and has a drainage and detoxification action due to illegible and dandelion.

The ayurvedic ritual

Time 120′ price 300 Lei

The ayurvedic ritual is an energetic massage with beneficial effects both at the physical level as well as at the mental, soul level. It starts with an aromatherapy bath with ayurvedic products appropriate to your dosha, the chakras will be balanced by the sound of the tibetan bowl and the ayurvedic massage technique will make your peace encompass the entire body.

As part of this massage there are combined reflexogenic massage on the soles and palms, pressopuncture techniques, muscle tension dispersion techniques, lymphatic drainage, techniques for unlocking energy centers and points.

Ayurvedic massage works both physically and mentally. Physically, it helps all body systems: immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive and lymphatic. Ayurvedic massage can cause your mind to interrupt your thoughts and provide a perfect relaxing status.

Divine touch ritual

Time 90′ price 230 Lei

A ritual that will bring, first of all the benefits of hawaiian lomi lomi massage in a unique combination: lomi lomi 50 ‘massage + scalp massage 15’ + chakra balancing 15 ‘

Physically, lomi lymph massage helps the elimination of tensions and stress, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and the preliminary elimination of toxins. Lomi lomi massage is recommended for neck, shoulder and back pains, stress problems, migraines, circulatory and respiratory problems, insomnia, weakening of the immune system, depression, trauma and lack of self-confidence.

Well being ritual

Time 120′ price 290 Lei

A health ritual performed by a kinesiotherapist who will work the entire body. Ritual is a combination of therapeutic massage and reflexotherapy that will bring a health flow throughout the body. The therapeutic massage is an alternative solution indicated in many health problems. This is a method of treatment for various conditions. Its beneficial effects are felt on the skin, muscles, nerves, blood and lymph, and indirectly on the endocrine glands, internal organs and joints. The therapeutic massage has the role of improving the functional and motor capacity of the body by promoting recovery. Reflexology is a special technique of digital massage that is based on the relationship between certain areas of the skin and the activity of the human body’s apparatus and systems. It can be used to prevent and treat many imbalances and affections.

The equilibrium ritual

Time 90′ price 220 Lei

A wonderful ritual will spoil your senses with aromatherapy massage 50′, reflexotherapy 25′ and a session of balancing the chakras with the help of the vibrations of the tibetan bowl for 15 ‘.

Essential bergamot oil used in relaxation massage acts on the nervous system, generating a positive state of relaxation and absolute silence. Muscle or joint pains also succumb to a eucalyptus massage, and movement is stimulated in the most natural way possible. Lavender is the perfume with the highest calming potential. Patchouli has a complex aroma with therapeutic, antidepressant, relaxing and immune strength properties.

“Heavy feet” crio gamathi lakshmi ritual

Time 60′         price 170 Lei
Time 90′         price 220 Lei
Pack of 10 90′        price 1800 Lei

This treatment encourages the removal of fluids and toxins from the skin tissues, eliminating swelling and weight felt at the level of the legs, protecting against expansion or even fissure of the veins and fragile capillaries.

Lakshmi natural cosmetics are pure and very nourishing; maintain the skin fresh and vital because they are made with raw materials from the mother nature lab: herbs, seeds, flowers, fruits and bee products.

“Back’s problems” art reum lakshmi ritual

Time 60′         price 170 Lei
Time 90′         price 220 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions  60′         price 1500 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions  90′         price 2000 Lei

Intensive treatment for back problems, inspired by ayurvedic tradition, which restores mental and physical wellbeing through the activation of whole body metabolism. It supports the recovery of muscle tone, calming and healing of rheumatic problems.

Art-reum from lakshmi has a beneficial effect on the spine, that miracle of balance and engineering that sometimes reminds us of its presence through persistent and annoying pain that reduces our energy and mobility.

The udara lakshmi ritual

Time 60′         price 150 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions         price 1300 Lei

The “udara” beauty treatment from lakshmi, is great for encouraging physiological activity of the intestine and improving lumbago problems and those concerning the back pain. It stimulates circulation and strengthens the muscles of the stomach, leaving the abdomen toned and flattened.

The secret is the synergy between guarana extract, with its toning properties and essential oils that release abdominal tension and bloating such as basil which is antispasmodic, sweet cumin that relieves bloating, marjoram and ylang ylang that have properties of calming  the discomfort.

The “breasts fermity ” ritual kumari lakshmi

Time 60′         price 200 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions         price 1700 Lei

The key word is “firmness”; the secret is to increase the natural resistance of the skin in areas that require specific attention to counteract the “tonus loss”, stretch marks and sagging skin.

It is important to remember that the skin needs to be hydrated and protected constantly, not just to restore its elasticity and softness but also to prevent and fight against the specific problems of this organ.

With cosmetic products from the lakshmi’s kumari line, these beneficial effects are at hand thanks to essential oils and plant extracts (lavender, orange, patchouli and passion flower) that favor tissue oxygenation; micro-algae, alginate and silicone guarantees an easy-to-notice lifting effect; also protects cells against oxidative stress and has the effect of restructuring and strengthening on tissues. The blend of vegetable oils and shea butter, with extraordinary nutritional and protective properties, offers a new skin tonus and the fight against the skin’s sagging effect.

The “silky feet” ritual, pada lakshmi

Time 60′         price 170 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions         price 1350 Lei

According to oriental discipline, legs are considered a source of energy and vital organs are mapped to the feet. From these causes and in order to treat problems such as dry and thick skin, swelling and mycosis, we should take care of our feet.

The feet pada treatment moisturizes, cleanses, deodorizes and protects your feet against mycoses and leaves the skin soft and velvety.

What are the winning ingredients? Tabebuia, an amazing amazonian plant that reduces inflammation, has an antimicrobial and antifungal action and fights against parasites; the essential tea tree oils and manuka with antiseptic and antifungal properties; essential oil of angelica root for dry skin, geranium rose for red and irritated skin and sage that relieves swollen legs and reduces the unpleasant effects of perspiration.

The aromatherapeutic ritual

Time 75′         price 190 Lei

Bath is an important part of the ayurvedic daily routine. Even bath enriched with herbs and essential oils is a popular form of aromatherapy. The amount of hot water inside the bathtub creates a beneficial steam, impressed with essential oils that quickly reach your nose and from there to the brain, while the heat relaxes your muscles and body, and improves the effect of essences.

Lakshmi baths for aromatherapy are water-dispersed solutions from plant extracts and essential oils that offer a new way to experience the effect of aromatherapy, offering a smooth and silky skin.

We propose to you 11 extraordinary aromatherapy rituals that address various needs.

Winter prevention



Sweet sleep



Orient’ s 1001 nights

Lavender gardem

Heat and happiness

Oriental sun


The morocan ritual with argan oil

Time 120′         price 300 Lei

The ritual includes an aromatherapy bath 10 ‘, a scalp massage with argan oil 15’, facial massage 10 ‘, body peeling 15’ and a deep tissue 70 ‘massage.

Argan oil contains an impressive amount of essential fatty acids and has a great nutritional value, its benefits covering beauty and health. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving the painful symptoms associated with arthritis and rheumatism. It moisturizes skin and hair with an energizing effect and contributes to good blood circulation. It contributes to the reduction of cellulite, it has an anti-wrinkle action, it also addresses those with dry scalp and with itching, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and those with dry, cracked and red hands.

Ritualul de infrumusetare cu ulei de Trandafir Moscat si cu ulei de Geranium Rose

Time 120′         price 430 Lei

Un trandafir nu are nevoie de multe cuvinte. Se limiteaza la raspandirea propriului parfum.

Un ritual de infrumusetare ce foloseste un ulei vegetal extraordinar( Trandafir Moscat) si elei esential de muscata. Ritualul contiune un peeling corporal de 15′, impachetare detoxifiere 30′, masaj facial cu efect de lifting cu trandafir moscat 15′ si masaj corporal tonifiant cu ulei esential de muscata 60′.
Uleiul vegatal de trandafir moscat vine intr-o sticluta de 30 ml, se va folosit in masajul facial si ce va ramane, va fi luat acasa pentru continuarea tratamentului acasa. Cateva specificatii despre ingredientele folosite in acest ritual:

Uleiul vegetal de Trandafir Moscat:

Utilizat de milenii in Anzi, acest ulei foarte bogat in acizi grasi nesaturati (acid linoleic 41% si linoleic 39%) si de Vit. A, incetineste in mod considerabil imbatranirea pielii, atenueaza ridurile si petele inchise.Uleiul nostru de trandafir ruginiu a fost imbogatit cu o cantitate mica de ulei esential de trandafir din Damasc. Este un foarte puternic cicatrizant cu ulei esential. Util impotriva cicatricilor cheloide. Excelent impotriva vergeturilor. Are efect de lifting cu Liposomes Equalizer si uleiuri esentiale din trandafir, cistus, muscata. Impotriva arsurilor solare, impreuna cu levantica. In masaj pentru pielea obosita.

Uleiul esential de Muscata ( Geranium Rose):
Are o actiune cicatrizanta si antiseptica. Folosit in masaj, stimuleaza sistemul limfatic si lupta impotrova celulitei.
De ajutor in tratarea pielii uleioase, cu impuritati si cu roseata.
Amelioreaza simptomele cauzate de eczema uscata, pielea crapata si herpes. Regleaza balanta hormonala.
Tine la distanta insectele si parazitii. Atrage tot ceea ce este pozitiv. Sporeste atractia magnetica. Favorizeaza iesirea din situatii dificile si indeparteaza persoanele ce nu au o influenta buna. Indicata pentru persoanele care nu stiu ce schimbare vor sa faca. Este antidepresiv. Contribuie la crearea unei situatii noi de viata care corespunde felului nostru de a fi.

Ritualul Gravidutelor cu ulei vegetal de caise

Time 60′         price 150 Lei

Uleiul de caise este recomandat pentru piele uscata si sensibila, datorita faptului ca este bogat in acizi grasi ne- saturati, acest ulei patrunde intr-un mod foarte puternic. Face pielea mai elastica. In cazul pielii uscate, se amesteca uleiul de cais cu ulei de susan, germeni de grau si cu ulei esential. Caisa este in mod normal un aliment sanatos, foarte util in tratarea astmului, bronsitei, tuberculozei, anemiei, etc. Este cu adevarat bogata in minerale si are o multime de avantaje asupra sanatatii. Samburele si uleiul obtinut din miezul acestuia au, de asemenea, o multime de beneficii asupra sanatatii organismului, parului si pielii. Uleiul din sâmburi de caise este un calmant rapid, înainte de culcare se poate utiliza şi ca somnifer, ajutând funcţia glandei tiroide. Conţine vitamina A, fiind totodată cea mai bogată sursă de vitamina B17 care este binecunoscută pentru efectul său antitumoral. Uleiul extras are o consistenţă uşoară, similar cu uleiul de migdale ca proprietăţi, dar este mai penetrant şi este un ingredient universal ideal a fi inclus în cele mai multe tipuri de produse cosmetice. Nu lasă urme grase, este bine absorbit de piele respectiv nu lasă tenul lucios.

Ritualul Feminitatii cu ulei de luminita

Time 90′         price 420 Lei

Acest ritual al feminitatii presupune o baie aromaterapeutica 15′, masaj facial 15′ si un masaj corporal de 60′. Se va folosi o sticla de ulei vegetal de oenetera (luminita) de 30 ml in timpul masajului si o alta sticla din acest ulei, impreuna cu o sticla de ulei esential de salvie, vor fi oferite pentru continuarea tratamentului acasa, pe partea interna.

Foarte bogat in acid gamma linoleic (care se gaseste rar in natura si pe care pielea no- astra nu-l produce), foarte util pentru ca pastreaza structura membranei celulare care ofe- ra tonus si frumusete pielii si datorita faptului ca ajuta la formarea prostaglandinei care controleaza activitatea celulelor. Este ideal pentru toate femeile. Hraneste pielea. Are un puternic efect reparator si impotriva imbatranirii. Excelent pentru problemele din perioada menopauzei cu salvia. Impotriva durerilor menstruale (jumatate de lingurita dimineata cu o picatura de salvie). Probleme de fertilitate ca urmare a lipsei estrogenului. Pentru probleme cauzate de colesterol, probleme datorate eczemelor si psoriazisului.
Uleiul de Oenothera este extras din Oenothera biennis (onagru sau luminita de seara) care este o planta ce creste in America de Nord. A nu se confunda cu primula de seara (Primula Officinalis). Uleiul de oenothera este cea mai senzationala descoperire dupa vitamina C! Datorita continutului sau ridicat in acizi grasi esentiali care au nenumarate efecte benefice asupra sanatatii Oenothera este o planta minune!
Acizii grasi esentiali sunt acei acizi grasi polinesaturati indispensabili vietii, care fie nu pot fi sintetizati de organismul uman (ex. acidul linoleic), fie nu se formeaza in cantitati suficiente (acidul arahidonic). Prin urmare, este de dorit sa se asigure un aport extern optim din acesti acizi esentiali. De exemplu, necesarul de acid linoleic este estimat la 6-8% din ratia calorica zilnica.

Ritualul cu ulei de canepa pentru afectiunile pielii

Time 90′         price 250 Lei

Ritualul contine un masaj al scalpului 10′, reflexoterapie 20′ si un masaj de relaxare 60′.

Este foarte bogat in acizi grazi, esentiali, polisaturati (aproximativ 90%, linoleici 50-70% (util in cazul bolilor sistemului circulator, inflamatiilor cronice) alfa linoleici. Gamma – linoleici (GLA 2-4%). Util in sinteza postglandinei care poate reprezenta o solutie in cazul neurodermitei, sin- dromului postmenstrual, artritei reumatoide, neuropatia diabetica, descuamare, deshidratare, probleme in keratinizarea pielii. Acizii grasi esentiali se incorporeaza direct in stratul cornos al pielii pentru o hidartare core- spunzatoare, impotriva rugozitatii, uscaciunii, crapaturii pielii, cu efect anti-imbatranire. Uleiul de canepa toti cei opt aminoacizi esentiali, fundamentali pentru a asimila proteinele ce nu sunt produse de organismul uman.
Se recomanda tratamentul cu uleiul vegetal de canepa sa fie continuat si acasa.

Ritualul Vindecarii cu ulei de tamanu

Time 120′         price 350 Lei

Ritualul contine o baie aromaterapeutica ART Reum pentru decontracturarea musculara 15′, masaj al scalpului cu ulei esential de rozmarin si cedru himalayan 15′, reflexoterapie 30′ si masaj terapeutic 60′.

Foarte eficient impotriva problemelor pielii, capilarelor si varicelor. Indicat in cazul acneei, ca cicatrizant, pentru eczeme in afectiunile pielii.Decongestionant al prostatei. Are un puternic efect purifiant, antireumatic si antiinflamator (util pentru artroza si reumatism). Nu utilizati in cazul copiilor mai mici de 3 ani. Un excelent antiinfectios si antiviral cu ravensara impotriva Herpesului Zoster. Pentru hematoame. Util pentru sanatatea parului cu Nard si Rozmarin si cedrul de Himalaya. Incetineste caderea parului si il face mai stralucitor. Foarte eficient impotriva micozei cu arborele de ceai sau cu cimbru linalol. Uleiul de Tamanu este un ulei natural extras din boabele de nuci de Tamanu. Copacul Tamanu este vesnic verde si este gasit in tarile tropicale. Acest ulei are o varietate de beneficii pentru sanatatea noastra, fiind un ulei complet natural. Contine 3 clase de lipide, acizi grasi si agenti antiinflamatorii. In mod traditional uleiul de Tamanu a fost folosit in Fiji pentru ameliorarea durerii de sciatica, zona zoster, nevralgii si reumatism, pentru care este eficient. In 1918, cercetatorii asociatiei Farmacopeea din Franta au inceput cercetarea uleiului de Tamanu, acestia devenind rapid impresionati de proprietatile uleiului de Tamanu.
Uleiul de tamanu detine o capacitate unica de a permite formare unui nou tesut, prin acesta proprietate accelerand cresterea tesutului sanatos. Acest proces este cunoscut sub denumirea de cicatrizare. Din aceste considerente, este utilizat pe scara larga ca un unguent local. In medicina populara sin insulele din Pacific, acest ulei de tamanu este aplicat in mod liber pe taieturi, zgarieturi, arsuri, muscaturi de insecte si intepaturi, acnee, psoriazis, fisuri anale, arsuri de la soare, piele uscata, eczeme, herpes si pentru a reduce mirosul picioarelor si al corpului. De asemenea se foloseste in masaj pe piele pentru a ameliora reumatismul si sciatica. In plus, este utilizat de catre femeile din arhipelagul Polinesian pentru a obtine o piele sanatoasa si de cater copii mici pentru a preveni iritatiile cauzate de scutece si eruptii ale pielii. Uleiul de tamanu contine trei clase de lipide de baza, lipide neutre, glicolipide si fosfolipide. Acesta contine si un acid gras unic numit acid calofilic si un anumit antibiotic si un agent antiinflamator denumit calofiloid. Aceste componente determina activitatea binefacatoare a acestui ulei. Se poate folosi imprteuna cu alte uleiuri pentru rezultate mai eficiente. Impreuna cu un ulei de rodie, determina vindecarea pana si a celor mai dificile rani.

Remodeleaza-te in timp ce te relaxezi!

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