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“talent is the ability of finding your own destiny”,

 said Thomas Mann.

We strongly believe that when a person is in his talent area, then he will give 100% of it. At the shakti center, we encourage the therapists to discover the therapies they most resonate with, and they can even lead to art.

When a person discovers his area of ​​talent for therapies, he actually reveals his personal mission. Thus, there are therapists who are dedicated to helping guests get into the best physical form, just as there are therapists whose mission is to help people understand the true causes of their physical and mental sufferings.

That is why we have given our therapists the chance to create therapies in accordance with the principles and style of each one, therapies that you can find in the signature therapies section.


As a guest, we invite you to get to know our team better, through the pages created for each individual signature massage and to discover with which therapist you resonate, what style of work you like. Do you prefer a very pragmatic therapist who can ease your physical suffering or do you want someone who works more on the energy side? Do you want holistic, prevention or therapy therapies to relieve or cure certain physical conditions? You can not get optimal results in therapy when you do not really believe in a therapist’s work style.

Discover our therapists and so discover a little of you!

Whole RESToration with Narcis B.

Time 140′ price 325 Lei

What would you say of a massage to release the tension and to rejuvenate you, just like a good cure? If you face migraines, insomnia, backpain, kyphosis, scoliosis, digestive problems, etc., the whole restoration massage will give you back your good humor!

Being one of the most appreciated specialist in the field, with an ample experience in therapeutic massage, reflexotherapy and japanese massage, yumeiho, narcis is the best solution when your body sends you messages that it does not feel right.


Depending on the affections you will tick in the medical form, our specialist, narcis, will personalize this massage to address your problems.


It is a very good preventive therapy, because you might not even be aware of the tensions we gather in your body every day, or these tensions may not yet feel physically. If you suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, backpain or if you have a sedentary life and work many hours in the office, this massage will help you regain your wellbeing.


Besides stress relieving and profoundly relaxing pressopuncture techniques on the scalp, the wellbeing status is complemented by ambient music, specific aromatherapy oils. By stimulating all the senses, our body releases endorphins, thus boosting internal healing processes and strengthening the immune system.


The massage takes 2 hours and 20 minutes, but you will not even feel the minutes passing by, because when we truly relax, we lose the notion of time!


Meet Narcis!


Of course, the way you resonate with your therapist is important. Narcissus is a kinesiotherapist and has an experience of 18 years in the sector. He teaches reflexology courses and deeply knows the human body. Besides his revitalizing massages, narcis can give you the best advices on teas and complementary remedies, very useful to complement the beneficial effects of massages. If it should be described in a few words, narcis could be presented as follows: professional, strong, serious, an extraordinary therapist and with a desire for continued professional growth.


If you want a strength massage or focessed on dissolving contracture, narcis is your therapist!
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Honey Reshape Massage with Ioana B.

Time 120′ price 300 Lei
Have you ever thought that honey can be not only a helatht sugar substitute but also a sweet remedy of body reshaping?
Combining cavitation effects with beneficial properties of honey, honey reshape massage is a detoxifying, drainage and anticellulite massage.

As you probably already know, virtual cavity or liposuction is one of the most effective method of removing adipose areas and cellulite, based on low frequency ultrasounds. They form small bubbles of gas, also called cavitation bubbles, disintegrating the adipose cells, which are then absorbed by the lymph and eliminated.


So, after cavitation, our signature treatment continues with stimulation of the lymph through drainage made with…. Honey, an ingredient that cleanses the lymph extremely well. The role of this massage is to stimulate the body and unblock the lymphatic system, as well as increase the blood flow at the level of the work area.

Apart from the anti-cellulite effect, honey is a good anti-inflammatory remedy, that is why this massage can be recommended to persons suffering from rheumatism or weather-sensitive people. Applied to the skin, honey also helps to eliminate toxins, so this massage can be a sweet and relaxing method for preventing colds. It is also a nutritive and antioxidant remedy that removes free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the skin. In addition, you will have a moisturized, velvety and elastic skin.


Meet Ioana!

Ioana is the “all purpose” person, she knows the practice of countless types of massage, from the anti-cellulite one, to bamboo massage and even massive massages such as deep tissue.


But her passion is reshaping. Ioana is a dedicated therapist in helping you achieve the desired results. She knows from her own experience how beneficial the honey massage is, so we turned it into a genuine signature therapy.


She finished kinetotherapy and then specialized in countless therapies, but reshaping is the area she excels into. From Ioana you can learn a lot of tricks and tips about sports, exercise and nutrition, so take advantage of the meetings with her, and find out the latest news in reshaping.
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YIN YANG Massage

Time 90′ price 230 Lei

Did you feel tired, devoid of vitality? Do you feel exhausted by all the overwhelming things that happen around you? Do you continue daily to consume energy, vitality without taking it back or recharging it? You definitely want to do something, but you do not have enough energy to do it.

The massage we propose is a balanced massage that harmonizes the yin and yang energies of each human being. In taoist philosophy, yin is the female principle and is described as receptive, cold, dark, soft, moist and responsive. Complementary we have the yang energy, or the masculine principle that is solar, emissive, hot, bright, dry.

The aspects of yin and yang are manifested everywhere. For example, in the human body, the yin look controls the blood, and yang the energy. The native instincts belong to yin, while the acquired skills are yang. In the breathing, the inspiration is yin and the expiration is yang. The chilly autumn and the cold winter belong to yin, while warm spring and hot summer belong to yang. The list of complementarities is endless but essential is that nothing exists and does not work but the direct link with its opposite and all abnormal phenomena from diseases to natural catastrophes are produced by serious imbalances occurring between these two primordial forces.

Through yin-yang massage, we give the body the state of wellbeing and equilibrium that it needs. In the human body, excess yang translates into inflammation, fever, dryness, hyperactivity, constipation, etc. Excess yin is manifested by pale skin, shivers, cold hands and feet, low pulse, etc.

Massage begins with the evaporation of a yin essential oil, soothing, cool, so it will be easier to enter relaxation. One can opt for essential oil of eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, sage, lavender, etc. In the first part of the ritual, the used techniques will increase or ease the excess of yin, depending on each separate guest. Massage is customized after completing a mini-questionnaire. Use a yin oil, such as geranium, in case of yin deficiency or sandalwood for excess yin. The movements will be sweet, relaxing (like lomi-lomi). Start by touching the shoulders to create an energy bridge between the therapist and the guest, then continue with the activation of the reflexogenic points on the scalp. Repeated touching and reflexogenic massage follow in the leg area.

The second part of the therapy is more dynamic, uses more vigorous techniques to increase or suppress the excess of yang in the body. It will be used a powerful yang massage oil, such as patchouli or ginger for the deficiency of yang or lemon to balance excess yang. The energetic movements start from the legs and continue in the back, with deep tissue movements. For relaxation of the spine, oils such as basil, mint, willow will be used. You can use thai yoga massage, sports massage, cellulite massage.

At the end, a powerful yang (jasmine) essential oil will be sprayed to give energy and vitalize the guest.


Meet Cristina!

Cristina is a perfect therapist who, through personal example, can inspire you to live more beautiful, healthier, more balanced.

If you want to be motivated in your reshaping program, cristina is at your disposal with the best advice and customized homemade creams, tested by her.

She graduated from kinetotherapy at spiru haret, and, although she initially wanted to work for disabled children, life led her on other roads, which revealed other therapies talents. Years spent in the united kingdom helped her become a true master in deep tissue massage. Besides somatic massage and reflexology specialization, cristina strongly believes in the benefits of aromatherapy, so her signature massage is a crowning of her talent in this area.

Cristina is a follower of holistic massage and ayurvedic philosophy, so she is our specialist in rituals!

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