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Day by day, your vital energy is invested in tasks at the place of work, in fulfilling family responsibilities, hobbies, or relationships with others. Our body needs breaks, and sometimes it takes them alone. Chilliness, flu, chronic fatigue, etc. Are warning signs that your body needs a break. But what if, from time to time, would you give your body a short and deserved rest and recharge period?

Say honestly when it was the last time you gave yourself time, when did you do something for yourself?

We propose to you small retreats of mental, physical and emotional detox, in which you can recharge your batteries and feel more vitalized, healthier and more balanced. Our retreats are personalized, depending on the needs of the group but also of each individual participant. Mornings begin with yoga sessions, followed by a healthy breakfast, and then you’ll have a program, specially designed for you. If you need to eliminate stress, we’ll focus on relaxation therapies. If you need body reshaping, your program will consist of sports classes, anti-cellulite massages, packs, nutrition sessions and nutritional coaching. If you go through a difficult time both physically and mentally, we will realize for you a program with cranio-sacral therapy, coaching, etc.

We know that one flower does not bring the spring, so we want these little weekend retreats to be samples of health and wellbeing for you and you to continue practicing these healthy habits in your everyday life.

We will inspire you; we will be close to you with advices and ideas, because what you have learned in this retreat becomes a lifestyle!


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