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Healing by Shakti

“the wound is the place where light enters you”,

 said Rumi.

Any suffering, either physical or spiritual, teaches us something about us. Therefore, unlike allopathic medicine that treats only the physical body, focusing on the elimination of unpleasant effects, alternative medicine emphasizes the discovery of the causes that led to those diseases, approaching the holistic man as a body-mind-spirit unit.

The holism term comes from ancient greek, where the word halos means totality, the whole. In complementary therapies, the person is seen as a whole. Far from being new, this approach is inherited from very old medical systems, often coming from the orient and associated with religious doctrines.

Can alternative medicines treat anything?

Just like allopathic medicine, complementary therapies does not have answers to all the situations. Through their global vision of health, they primarily have a prophylactic purpose but can be used complementarily for more serious illnesses, providing increased psychological comfort. In acute cases, only complementary therapies can be used. For example, the sudden appearance of pain symptoms, intense fatigue, headaches, cystitis, flu, etc. These are signs of acute disorders and can be resolved through complementary therapies.

In the case of chronic conditions (aids, hepatitis c, tuberculosis, diabetes, epilepsy, parkinson’s, lupus etc.), medical care is particularly important. However, alternative therapies can bring many benefits to people affected by chronic illnesses: from alleviation of symptoms, alleviation of pain to psychological support, and, implicitly, improvement of the quality of life, especially through the understanding of the real causes of the disease.

At the shakti center, our specialists will help you regain your health and wellbeing through various complementary therapies: bach floral therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, tsubo therapy, bowen therapy, access bars, theta healing, psychotherapy, re-set therapy and not finally tachyonized crystals therapy.

These therapies, in addition to the benefits you bring to the physical level, help you get to know yourself better. The therapist can become a true mentor, guiding you in finding the key to freeing physical and emotional blockages, and proprlling you to find within you the resources needed for healing.


List of alternative therapies

Retrieve the health and equilibrium status with the aid of complementary therapies!


Craniosacral theraphy

Time 75′         price 200 Lei
Time 60′ – price 150 Lei ( for children)

Are you tired of taking tablets for frequent headaches? Do you have scoliosis or other deformations of the column? Are you accompanied, daily, by the burden of back pain? Are you chronically tired, are you depressed? Have you suffered an accident that traumatized your brain or spinal cord? Have you been diagnosed with central nervous system dysfunction or with hormonal disorders?
For each of these problems, craniosacral therapy can be a solution. However, healthy people can also benefit from therapy.
Are you wondering what this therapy is like? The craniosacral therapy is a gentle method of assessing and improving the functioning of the body’s physiological system, called the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is made up of meningeal membranes, structures that control intracranial pressure and fluid dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid and which enclose and protect the brain and spinal cord. Hence their essential role in the central nervous system.


Time 45′-75′ price 300 Lei

Osteopathy is a holistic, unconventional medicine aimed at restoring health by restoring micromobility to affected areas.
The fundamental notion of osteopathy is the primary respiratory movement (m.r.p.), whose free expression is synonymous with the state of health. All osteopathic techniques aim at releasing and correcting it.
The nervous system: migraines, headaches, facial neuralgia, cervicobrachial, intercostal, arnold neuralgia, torticollis, cruralgia, sciatica, sciatica, meralgia paraesthetica.
Respiratory system and visual system: sinusitis, dizziness, unstable balance, ménière’s syndrome, asthma (bronchitis), bronchitis, rhinitis, tinnitus, lacrimation, dry eyes, ophthalmic migraine.

The digestive system: aerophagia, flatulence, dyspepsia, hiatal hernia, gastritis and the consequences of gastric hyperacidity, hepato-biliary disorders, colitis, constipation, visceral ptosis (kidney, stomach, bladder).
The genital-urinary system: gynecologic pains and dysfunctions, cystitis, functional sterility, uterine or bladder disease, sexual apparatus and sexual function disorder, urinary incontinence, prostatitis, osteopathic pregnancy monitoring.
The locomotor system: spinal pain and back pains, inflammation, mobility restrictions of all peripheral joints, occlusal and temporo-mandibular dysfunctions, tendinitis, tennis elbow, sprain, scoliosis and scoliosis attitudes, rendering comfort in the case of locomotive handicap.
The neuro-vegetative system: depressive status, hypernervosity, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, spasmophilia.
Post – traumatic and surgical sequelae: scars, fractures, sprains, falls, traffic accidents.
Osteopathic techniques aim at restoring a global equilibrium, each treatment taking into consideration the unity of the human body and its uniqueness.
Depending on the severity and age of osteopathic dysfunctions diagnosed, one or more sessions are needed. It will not be worked systematically in series of sessions, with each session restoring the specific osteopathic diagnosis.
The arsenal of techniques used in osteopathy sessions can include:
Functional osteopathic techniques
Structural osteopathic techniques
Visceral osteopathic techniques
Osteopathic skull techniques
Osteopathic myofascial techniques

Floral bach therapy

Time 30′     price 60 Lei

Pure and healing energy of plants. A bouquet of flowers that nature gives us.The first bach type floral remedies were prepared from the dew collected in the morning and from the inflorescences of spontaneous floral plants that were preserved in alcohol. The english physician edward bach, the father of this therapy, was convinced that the dew that lay in the morning on the flower captures, thanks to the solar electromagnetic radiation, the pure and healing energy of the plants. The 38 treatments used in bach therapy are prescribed by the therapist depending on the emotional states described by the patients.The negative emotions can make us sick and affect our social life. Therefore, the therapist will seek the best solution for regaining positive emotions, as well as stimulating intellectual abilities to develop our emotional intelligence.The effects of bach floral therapy are subtle. They occur in time, at the rate allowed by the body. No pressure, no hurry, in harmony with the whole universe.Bach floral remedy has no contraindications, has no side effects, and does not replace allopathic treatment.

Bowen therapy

Time 50′  price 130 Lei 
Pack of 10 sessions  price 1000 Lei

Unlike other manual techniques, the bowen technique is one of the most delicate and less invasive manual techniques, consisting of a series of procedures that apply to muscles, tendons, nerves or ligaments. The therapist conveys small impulses, through gentle pressures, applied at certain well-established points, to the vegetative nervous system on various specific locations, stimulating the body to self-healing. This revolutionary therapeutic technique is based on the theory that our body has the skills to solve any disease and these abilities are triggered when the total relaxation of the body is achieved. By this technique, we do not impose the body an external order, but we transmit correct messages for our body to “re-format” the system and return to the original matrix. Bowen does not focus on a health problem, but works continually on the body as a whole, the organism intended as a whole.

Access bars therapy

Time 60′ price 175 Lei

Access bars ® – is a way to release emotional, mental and physical blockages

What is access bars ® and how does it work?It is a dynamic method of transforming consciousness and releasing emotional, mental and physical blockages that help you change for the better everything you want to change in your life with total easiness. It’s a stress-relieving technique, through which you get a deep peace, clarity about what you are and what you want to create, and greater ability to be present in your life.Bars is an energetic process for a body that contains 32 points (energy bars) on the head, which, when they are easily touched, begin to release the limitations related to different aspects of your life. These bars represent the electromagnetic storage component of all our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs. These include healing, control, sensitization, awareness, love, prosperity, creativity, power, aging, gratitude, sexuality, money, etc. Every thought, idea, attitude or decision blocks the energy flow and limits the ability to be generative in that aspect of your life.

Theta healing therapy

Time 60′ price 200 Lei

Thetahealing® is a wonderful method of healing beliefs and limiting beliefs, healing the sufferings of the soul, in a simple, fast, surprisingly easy way.
Through thetahealing®, relationships can be healed, soul suffering can be healed, beliefs and constraints can be removed and conscious information can be brought to life, for living well and in harmony.
The necessary requirement for a thetahealing® session to give results is faith in divinity and the divine agreement.
In most cases, a session is sufficient to heal certain aspects of the soul, and the results feel immediately.


Time 60′ price 200 Lei
Pack of 5 sessions 875 lei
Pack of 10 sessions 1500 lei

The international coach federation (icf) defines coaching as a partnership that accelerates the client’s rhythm of learning, performance and personal and professional progress.

In today’s consumer societies, we do not always have the time to ask what is best for each of us, letting the inner voice tell us what our deepest desires and needs are. Through coaching sessions, we offer the opportunity of a reflection of what we are, of the place where we live at that time so that we can trace the most appropriate and fulfilling destinations that we intend to reach.

This process is solution-oriented, action-oriented and future-oriented, leading to a significant increase in quality of life.

Being yourself supposes being aware of yourself, of the things you do and of the reasons you do in that way; it means understanding who you are and why you have come to be like this; means understanding who you can become and to go on your way to your highest potential; means becoming who you really are, so that you can bring your uniqueness into this world to make it richer.

Being yourself is a way of regaining harmony and inner balance, acceptance and self-love.

It’s an opportunity for self-reliance, and it’s great to see how the world around us changes when we look at it.

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