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Desense anti-couperose treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 400 Lei

Couperose is an affection of the skin that is often met. We propose to you this treatment dedicated to sensitive complexion, paraben or allergen-free, with calming, repairing action of the complexion imperfections. It is indicated for irritate, sensitive complexion, predisposed to couperose.

Lifting code treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 425 Lei

A facial treatment that is highly efficient for firmness, bio-revitalizing, filling and lifting, appropriate for toneless skin, lacking firmness, lacking hydration, which is aged.

De ox reveillence treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 425 Lei

An antioxidant screen for all types of complexion, dealing with problems provoked by free radicals on skin’s complexion. De ox treatment and products can be used in any season but especially during spring and summer, for any type of complexion and age.
This range contains an innovative antioxidant complex, exclusive bioline, with vitamin c and radical scavenger complex (rsc). Products act efficiently, through their power of penetration on several layers of dermis and through progressive release techniques.

Primaluce treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 300 Lei

The facial treatment primaluce exforadiance is an innovation in cosmetic peeling. We present you a range of regeneration, smoothing, whitening and illumination of the complexion, with peeling effect, due to all types of hair, to treat thick complexion, with hyperchromia, imperfections, dilated pores, ageing effects.

This treatment is based on an extended technology, having as active substances aha, pha, whitening effects, booster aha-pha, having a combined action on imperfection, through the two different acids, with concentrations of 40%.

Face age treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 500 Lei

A revolutionary treatment and a range dedicated to mature complexion, with active ingredients ensuring a uniform aspect, giving elasticity and protecting against negative action of environment factors. Has as basis the mosaic technology, inspired from mosaic surgery and a technology with ionic release system.

Face vintage treatment 79

Time 90 min  –  price 325 Lei

Vintage 79 range contains 4 types of facial treatments: pura, aqua, dolce + and sweet relief. It is a versatile range and with complex results, created for basic treatments, preliminary treatments or maintenance treatments, having as main characteristic the optimal ratio between proven efficiency and accessible price. Products will be applied easily and rapidly, offering a general status of well-being and visible results. The range treats different imperfections, can be used during the entire year and can be addressed to everybody, no age limit, including to men.

Face antiage lakshmi treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 290 Lei

A treatment against skin ageing, with powerful natural ingredients, pure essential oils and plant extracts stimulating the skin’s regeneration ability. Redefines face’s contour. Skin is correctly and profound moisturized and is progressively restructured, looking younger and bright. It contains powerful active principles like liposomes, essential oils and vegetal extracts with exceptional revitalizing properties, from plants like manilkara, maitake, carob, grindella, venuceane, active marine principles and grape polyphenols, enriched with essences of onyx, coral, opal, topaz, diamond, emerald, rubin, gold obtained throughout a method having its root in the ayurveda millenary vision.

Face skin sensation casmara treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 430 Lei

The complete revolutionary range of professional cosmetics skin sensations casmara contains a high-tech and performance formula that combines innovative active ingredients, having as a result a better absorption and a healthier look. It is an anti-age facial treatment that provides all the essential elements for optimal skin function (water, minerals, vitamins, etc.). As a general rule, these elements are always present in healthy skin, but for various reasons, their level may decrease, leading to imbalances (dehydration, loss of vitality, elasticity and tonus, etc.). If these are not remedied they will lead to acceleration in the aging process. This treatment offers a revitalization complex that other cosmetics do not ensure.

Face elixir cell casmara treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 450 Lei

The real “youth injection, no surgery”. During daytime by strengthening the barrier against free radicals, during night time increases the energy reserves of the skin. Elixircell casmara – the first rejuvenation treatment that acts by stimulating own skin stem cells. Moreover, it is the first treatment that acts differently, during day and night time. Outstanding results, a fantastic formula. A facial treatment that helps to regain the features of youth.

Face rgenerin casmara treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 430 Lei

Unisex formula without age or skin specific. Recommended in any season for those who want a relaxing experience and a healthy skin. The high concentration of aloe and flax seeds, fortifies the cellular metabolism. The flax seeds have highly emollient and soothing properties, and aloe stimulates the formation of new cells with tonic, soothing and regenerative effects.

Face pitta treatment – line especially realized for sensitive skin, prone to reddening

Time 90 min  –  price 270 Lei

Do you have soft, delicate, sensitive skin? Do you have intolerance to the sun and the tendency to burn and irritate from exposure to light? Do you have hyperreactive skin? Do you feel itchy and biting? Do you have congested skin prone to rosacea and cuperosis?Secret:For this type of skin, lakshmi has created the pitta range, whose main effect is to calm these symptoms and treat their causes.Lakshmi uses specific ingredients with a strong effect of restructuring and strengthening skin’s interaction with the environment, ingredients such as: phytosterols that have a strong calming effect, active ingredients extracted from wheat germ and beer yeast helping at regeneration; the solidago, brassica campestris, damascus rose, lotus flower extracts give long-term efficiency to the treatment. They also contain: hematite, topaz and diamond powder, obtained using a method typical of the ayurvedic millennial philosophy.

Results: Hydration and protection 24 hours. Protection against extreme climatic conditions. Tests showed that 30 minutes after application, skin hydration and softness increased by 46%. It instantly reduces the unpleasant feeling of “tight skin”. Tired skin becomes fresh and relaxed. Filling effect, small wrinkles being reduced.

Vata face treatment – line particularly created for dry skin, lacking vitality

Time 90 min  –  price 270 Lei

Do you have thin, delicate skin with almost invisible pores? Does it tend to be dry? When you are stressed or in adverse climatic conditions your skin tends to be very dry, hard, tern and flaky? Does it tend to redden? Does your skin show signs of aging, such as fine wrinkles?


Lakshmi created the vata line specifically for these problems. Vata products bring to the skin a constant source of moisturizing and nourishing. The vata line guarantees skin wellbeing, restoring its natural balance thanks to cold pressed vegetable oils, carob seed extracts, myrothamnus flabellifolia (resurrection plant), tamarind seeds, argan oil, jasmine, basil and essential amino acids. These ingredients restore the natural elasticity of the skin, providing it a long-term hydration and increasing its ability to defend itself against adverse environmental conditions. Moreover, the energy and quality of the skin are enhanced by precious elements such as emerald, coral and malachite dust, obtained with a method that has its origin in the ayurvedic millennial wisdom.


Moisturizing 24 hours. Protection against extreme climatic conditions. Tests showed that at 30 minutes after application, skin hydration and softness increased by 46%. It immediately reduces the unpleasant sentiment of “tight skin”. Tired skin becomes fresh and relaxed. Filling effect, small wrinkles being reduced.

kapha facial treatment– line specially created for oily, impure skin and for mix complexion requiring a purifying action

Time 90 min  –  price 270 Lei

A line that guarantees an action of normalization and purification, correct hydration, healthy complexity and skin that does not have shinny areas. Tests showed a 58% reduction in sebum production.

Do you have normal, soft and flabby skin but with an oily t-area (forehead, nose and chin)? Is your skin thick, shiny and with dilated pores? Do you have blackheads and pimples especially on your forehead, nose and chin? Do you have toneless, impure and irritated skin? Do you suffer from acne, inflammation, spots and skin eruption?

The secret

The kapha lakshmi line is a special treatment for impure, oily and combined skin. Beauty products that restore the balance and natural physiological condition of the skin without irritating or altering its ph. The active principles, extracts from argan oil, serenoa serrulata, susan, saw palmetto, epilobium, turmenic and ginger have a prolonged action of sebum normalization, regulating enzymes that stimulate the sebaceous gland producing sebum. Day by day the skin seams cleaner, purer and with mat complexity due to a very effective complex of zinc, ruby ​​and opal essences obtained with the dr. Bhattacharya method, having its origin in the ayurvedic millenary wisdom; these essences stimulate cellular structures and protect them from aggression and external factors.

Lakshmi netra anti age line (netra anti age line) eyes contour treatment

Time 90 min  –  price 250 Lei

Innovative formula with an active, patented principle realized from grape stem cells that act to rejuvenate the damaged epidermis, with an important anti-aging action.

The protection action of stem cells, transformed into liposomes against damage caused by sun rays and atmospheric agents.

Lifting, elasticization and relaxation action for small wrinkles of expression.

Lakshmi iris line
treatment for sensitive and reactive skin

Time 90 min  –  price 290 Lei

A fantastic complex of plant extracts of immortelle and liquorice guarantees a calming, desensitization and anti-irritation action. In addition, it favors regeneration of the lipid layer of the skin, destroyed by sun exposure and the frequent use of cleaning products. It also has an effective hydration action, turning it into a multi-functional ingredient. Clinical tests showed that this complex has an excellent calming effect that can be perceived and observed within the first 24 hours after application.Iris extract has anti-inflammatory, astringent and decongestant properties. It is also a revitalizing and anti-aging ingredient. Rich in natural isoflavones, it stimulates the skin to reduce metabolic activity, caused by aging; improves skin hydration and elasticity; therefore it is useful as an anti-aging ingredient or in anti-stress products.The essential oils of ylang ylang and jasmine enhance nourishment and appearance.The essences of mallow, patchouli, orange and immortelle are combined for a long-lasting well-being.

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 80 Lei

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 75 Lei

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